What are our truths?

Have you seen our recent cinema ads? They are all about truth! Sometimes the truth is not as it seems, and we're keen to let you know all about what's really on offer when you join with us!


The truth isn’t always what it seems!


We went out into our communities of Naas and Newbridge to ask people their truths.


Here’s what the people of Naas had to say…



And here’s some truths from Newbridge…


Now we know your truths, what about ours?

There are so many myths out there about Credit Unions and what we offer. So, just in case you didn’t already know, here's the the truth of what's on offer when you join with us!

  • New members can apply for a loan straight away
  • We do big loans - up to €75,000 unsecured and up to 60% of the value of a property secured
  • We offer some of the best loan rates on the market (5.91% APR Switcher Loan for a limited time only)
  • For most loans the only documentation required is bank statements and payslips
  • Members in receipt of welfare payments regularly apply and get loans from us
  • We are tech savvy with online banking and a mobile app
  • We make quick decisions - normally within 2 working days

One Simple Account. Every Possibility