At the heart
of your community

We believe that big change starts locally. We’ve learned that in a world full of big issues, local champions are the beginning of change. That’s why we invest some of our budget in our community every year.


We understand the importance of supporting our community and are committed to supporting the voluntary clubs and organisations that benefit our local community.

Because even small support can lead to big things.

How does it Work?

Step ONE

You Borrow Locally
When you borrow with Life CU, you are helping the growth of your community. We keep the money locally to help grow the community.

Step TWO

Community Fund
From our profits, we allocate funds toward community support, initiatives, and charitable donations.


Sponsorship &
You can apply for your own club/voluntary group, or suggest a worthy group in your area


Everybody Benefits
With your local CU everybody wins! You enjoy the benefits of being a member and borrowing locally, and your community benefits from donations and sponsorship.

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