Summer has arrived! Or has it? In Ireland you never quite know! But don’t worry, if you need to get away but haven’t saved or booked that much needed break away, we can help! Here are some tips to help you get value for money and avoid those post-holiday blues.



  1. Pick the right destination (with a low cost of living)

Consider destinations with a low cost of living, including cheaper hotels and restaurants/bars to get the most bang for your buck. Location is king when it comes to getting value for money. If you plan on spending a lot of time traveling around a city for example, save money on transport by booking accommodation close-by.




  1. Book off-peak times of the year

If you’re not restricted to the school holidays, you might find it cheaper to book a holiday for September, rather than July or August, for example. Also look out for popular events in your destination including festivals, big concerts and public holidays, and avoid these dates.


  1. Keep an eye on currency exchange

If you’re traveling outside of the EU, it’s a good idea to keep an eye out for fluctuating currency exchange rates and take advantage of it rather than exchanging at the last minute.


  1. Mid-week Flights

Why pay more than you need to on travel? When it comes to flights, Tuesday afternoon is your new best friend! If you can avoid traveling at weekends, you’re likely to be able to shave more off the price. Also, flights in the afternoon are often cheaper and Tuesdays are regarded by travel insiders as the best day to fly in terms of value. You can find the cheapest flights on price comparison websites like Skyscanner


  1. Smarter Dining

Two rules when eating out to save money: firstly, eat at lunchtime, menus are always cheaper; secondly, choose from a fixed-price menu or the dish of the day – menu fisso (Italy), menu del día (Spain), plat du jour (France).


We all need holidays but they don’t have to put too much strain on your budget. It’s all about spending and planning wisely, and then you can sit back and enjoy!

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