The recent Grenfell Tower disaster got us thinking about what a great job our local Fire Service does. So, as a token of our appreciation for some of our local heroes we took a cake to our local Naas, Newbridge and Maynooth stations, to say thanks from all at Naas CU!


While we were there, we picked up some great tips on fire safety that we wanted to share with our members. See below for some great tips on fire safety for your home.








The best way to deal with fire is to prevent it.Fire Truck Cake


Together we can STOP fire


S – Smoke alarms. Make sure you have at least one on every level/floor.


T – Test your smoke alarms weekly or ask someone to check it for you.


O – Check for fire risks like candles, overloaded sockets and unattended appliances.


P – Plan your escape route. Keep escape routes clear and have your keys at the ready.




Fire Triangle

Have your chimney cleaned once a year


Use a fire guard with open fires


Use a proper candle holder when burning candles


Ashtrays should be empty when not in use


Keep a fire extinguisher and fire blanket in your kitchen


Have faulty or electrical appliances repaired or replaced immediately




For more information on Fire Safety and Prevention, please visit


Thanks again to our local Fire Service, we hope you enjoy the cake!




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