Web Sponsorship T&Cs

Guiding Principles

In assessing sponsorship applications, we will consider the following:

  • The potential to develop long term, strategic partnerships
  • The positive impact of the activity on our local community
  • The alignment of the activity with our ethos and values



We will not support the following:

  • Commercial (profit making) businesses
  • Organisations that are deemed to be inappropriate in their conduct, or in breach of the law
  • Organisations that might negatively impact on the reputation of the Credit Union
  • Applications from political parties or campaigns


Decision Making Process/Terms of Sponsorship

Life Credit Union has the sole and full discretion in evaluating and deciding on applications, and no communication will be entered into regarding any decision made by the Credit Union in this respect.


The Credit Union makes no commitment that any grants at any time will be made

The Credit Union gives no guarantee that any sponsorship shall be extended or renewed at any time. Renewal will be entirely at the discretion of the Credit Union.


The Credit Union reserves the right to request such regulatory permissions, Garda clearance or other regulatory approval or clearances as it sees fit.


The Credit Union reserves the right to disburse funds in stages and to impose such conditions on recipients as it sees fit including the payment of funds in stages but is under no obligation to do so.


Successful applicants will be required to confirm to Life Credit Union the successful completion of the project and must ensure the bursary grant from the Credit Union is acknowledged in promoting their project/activity.


The Credit Union accepts no responsibility for the activities of successful applicants and does not warrant that it will in any way supervise or monitor such activities or groups or organisations to which grants are made.  Neither does it warrant the bona fides of any group to which it makes a grant and shall have no responsibility in this respect.


The Credit Union will have the right to use any images received from sponsored groups in any marketing materials, including though the Credit Union Social Media pages. Groups must ensure that they have consent, from any individuals in photographs ,to use these images before  submitting to the Credit Union.