Have you reached the end of your PCP term with a car dealership? Are you tired of the never-ending cycle of “renting” your car? The only way you can keep the car is by paying the final balloon payment upfront. In order to hold on to the car you must come up with this considerably high value balloon payment. You can finance the payment over another couple of years with the dealer for an interest rate which is based on each individual case, but the car only becomes yours to keep once the final payment has been made.


PCP was created for one purpose – to entice you to enter into a hire purchase agreement and guaranteeing that in three years you’ll be back for another.



Naas CU to the Rescue!


So, let’s reverse back a little. 3 years ago you signed a PCP deal for a new car. Made perfect sense at the time – low monthly payments, and you got a shiny new car.


But fast forward 3 years and you’re facing a hefty lump sum payment!


The good news is, you can set yourself free with us! Check out our loan calculator to see how little we can set you free for!


Plus, check out the benefits below. Bit of a no brainer really!

PCP vs Credit Union Car Loan




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