Although the pandemic has taken away much, it has given us time. So, let’s use the time to really prepare for our next trip!

Maybe not soon, but we will travel again. And when we’re finally released from isolation, we’ll feel the urge to travel like never before. We’re going to need a holiday, and the world will still be there looking even more glorious than before.

Why not make some plans for when that day finally comes? But where should you start!

Budgeting makes everything much easier and it helps you reach your financial goals and understand where you spend your money. Check out our top tips on how to budget and plan for that amazing first post-pandemic holiday.

Plan Ahead!


To get ahead you need to start thinking ahead. Many of us are making savings at the moment on some of our usual expenses – childcare, petrol, lunches at work etc. If you can, put this money away as savings to use as a holiday fund when things get better. Planning a new monthly budget will help you know what you have left at the end of the month and help you plan ahead.


  • List and add together all sources of income.
  • Write down your fixed expenses, for example, mortgage/rent, utilities, insurance, and transportation etc.
  • Then write down common monthly expenses, such as online shopping for clothes, gardening tools, or take-away.
  • Subtract the expenses from the income. If there is still some money left after you’ve entered all your expenses, put it away into your savings account to go toward your holiday.

Window-shop online

If you don’t have a specific trip in mind, start fresh. Dedicate some of your screen time to looking for your perfect holiday destination. There’s lots of brilliant online tools like KayakHopper and Skyscanner that show help you find the cheapest flights. You might just spot affordable routes that lead to your next trip, big or small.

Even planning out a trip can make you feel one step closer, so while you have the time enjoy the planning and make sure your finances are in the best shape possible. That way when we are finally allowed to travel, you’ll be all set to go!

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