You’ll be surprised what we can do for YOU!


There are so many myths out there about Credit Unions and what we offer. So, just in case you didn’t already know, here’s the deal!


Myth: Credit Unions are for my granny
Truth: With online access, smartphone apps, and electronic transfers we are easy to access, easy to talk to and open to everyone!


Myth: I have to save for ages before I can borrow
Truth: You can join us and borrow on the same day – with only €10 in savings!


Myth: It’s hard to get a loan
Truth: It couldn’t be easier. We approve over 90% of all applications and it’s easy and fast to apply!


Myth: I can only borrow 3 times my savings
Truth: You can borrow up to €75,000 with us – it is only limited by what you can afford to pay back!


Myth: Credit Union loans are expensive
Truth: We have some of the most competitive rates on the market, and are cheaper than most of the banks!


Myth: Credit Unions only give out small loans
Truth: Small loan, big loan, it’s your decision. We can lend up to €75,000 depending on your ability to repay. So we’re more than just small loans!


Myth: Credit Unions don’t do house loans
Truth: Yes we do! With our Secured Loan you can borrow up to 60% of the value of the property, with a term of up to 20 years. We’re more than just small loans!


myth-truth-bannerSo, we’re really so much more than you think, but exactly what you deserve! Joining us is easy and opens up so many opportunities for you, that not only help you, but also benefit your community. So join our club today!



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