In order to comply with the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing) Act, 2010 & 2013, Naas Credit Union is required to obtain and hold up to date photo identification and proof of residential address for all its members. This information must be kept up to date. We have listed below some frequently asked questions from our members.




  • Why are you updating Member Records?

Naas Credit Union is legally required under the Criminal Justice (Money Laundering & Terrorist Financing) Act 2010 to obtain and hold identification documentation for all its customers.


  • I have produced ID documents in the past; why am I being asked for them again?

We have reviewed our member records and have determined that we need to obtain a copy of up-to-date identification documentation for you as when you opened the account, the various account opening legislation was not as encompassing. All member information is held securely by Naas Credit Union and in line with Data Protection legislation.


  • Will I have to produce documentation to Naas Credit Union on a regular basis?

With loan applications in excess of €10,000.00 you will have to provide up-to-date documentation. Also, you may be required to provide proof of your identity to carry out certain transactions. This is an anti-fraud measure, ensuring we know it is you who is carrying out the transaction. This measure is for the protection of your funds.


  • My address has not changed do I still need to provide proof of address?

Yes. We are obliged to obtain up-to-date proof of this under the legislation.


  • What do I do next?

Call in to any of our branches (Main St, Naas, Monread Shopping Centre, Naas, Main St, Maynooth, Edward St, Newbridge) with one piece of documentation for each of the requirements. The documentation must be an original document.


Proof of Identity

  1. Passport
  2. Irish/UK driver’s license
  3. Birth certificate plus Garda Age Card


Unfortunately we cannot accept the PSC (Public Service Card) as proof of Identification.


Proof of Address

  1. Correspondence from a utility company (telephone, mobile, gas, electricity, heating, oil, waste collection).
  2. Correspondence from a Regulated Financial Institution operating in the Republic of Ireland (Insurance / Assurance Co., Bank ,Building Society, Credit Card Co.).
  3. Correspondence from a Government Department / Body.


*Credit Unions are not permitted to accept the Public Services Card as proof of identity.

** Correspondence must be dated within 3 months at the date of presenting it within a branch.


  • I do not possess a Passport/Driving Licence. What are my options?

If you have any questions or require further assistance you can contact us on 045 879622 or 1800 201 303 or call to any branch and talk to our team.


  • What happens if I don’t provide documentation?

Unfortunately if we do not receive the required documentation by the date specified on correspondence to you we will be forced to suspend transactions on your account. This means that no lodgements to or withdrawals from the account will be permitted. This includes all transactions including manual, automated or through internet banking. Repayments to loans will be permitted to prevent members from developing arrears and their Irish Credit Bureau records being adversely impacted.


  • What if I miss the deadline to provide the documentation?

If you miss the deadline and your transactional ability has been suspended, please call into a branch with the requested documentation and your account can immediately revert to normal transactional abilities.


  • What if my account gets suspended and I wish to withdraw my funds and close the account?

You are still required to provide the documentation to reactivate your account. Once this is done you may close your account.


  • Will my dividend be adversely impacted?

No. Your account remains active and all deposits entitled to the annual dividend return. Only transactional abilities are impacted.


Our staff will be happy to assist you and your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated. If you require any further clarification or if you have any other questions, please feel free to email us at or alternatively you can contact us on 045 879 622


Thank You

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