We're Going Green!

We'll save 140 trees each year!

We know that many people prefer to communicate through email, to reduce the amount of paper they receive to their home. As your local Credit Union, we are always looking at ways to improve our service to you in a sustainable way. Our Let’s Go Green campaign is about us doing our bit for the environment and sending out our regulatory communications to you via email or SMS.


Every year, we are required by legislation to send every member an AGM booklet, which may lead to as many as 5 notices posted to any one household. By sending those to you electronically, you can help us save the thousands of euros that printing and posting these booklets costs each year. Plus, you’ll be doing your bit for our environment. If all of our members receive their AGM pack by email, together we will save 140 trees each year!


So, where we hold a valid email or mobile number for you we will now be sending these regulatory notices out to you by electronic means. If you wish a paper copy of the AGM booklet, you can collect one from your nearest branch.