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Great! We’re delighted you have decided to reactivate your account with us. It’s really quick and you can do it all remotely, so you don’t need to come in to branch.


To get you back to Life, we’ll just need you till fill in an account reactivation form and send us some up to date documentation, as follows:

Please select and download the form that you need for your account:

(both parties will need to provide the required documentation)

Minnor Account Reactivation – we cannot reactivate a Minor Account remotely, so please visit one of our branches to reactivate a Minor Account.

Then send the completed form, along with copies of your documentation to


If everything is in order we will email you to confirm the reactivation of your account. We will also mail out a PIN to your address so that you can access our Online Banking. Once you receive your PIN you will be able to log in straight away on our website with your member number, date of birth and PIN. This will allow you to carry out transactions, transfer money to/from your account and apply for a loan from anywhere at any time!


Please note that to fully reactivate the account you will be required to carry out a transaction within 5 working days. If you do not do this your account will become dormant again and you will have to submit the paperwork again to activate the account.


If there is an issue with your documentation or we need something further from you we will send you an email with details of what we require.



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