Got lots of loans with different rates and due dates?


Swap them all now for one Easy Life Loan and save*.


In the uncertain times that we find ourselves in, with the outbreak of COVID-19, many of us are looking at our finances and worrying what the future holds. At Life CU we understand that some of our members may find themselves in difficulty, and we would urge you to speak to us to see how we can ease the pressure. There are several services that we offer that might help you stay on track or manage your finances that little better in the short term.


Our Easy Life Loan is one of those solutions. Debt consolidation loans can really help you both manage your finances and save on your monthly outgoings. Plus, it’s much easier to manage one monthly payment than having lots of payments to different places at different times.


Our Easy Life Loan allows you to merge your existing loans (for cars, bank loans, credit card etc) into one, simple and often cheaper payment! Instead of stressing over different payments and rates, all your debt will be in the one place, with one repayment and at one low-interest rate.


This is a hard time for all of us, but we want our members to know that we are here to help and will work with you to try and ease some of the financial pressure.


A little example**!



See what you could borrow today!


*Rate Sale ends 30th March 2020. Loans are subject to approval. Terms & Conditions apply. Warning: If you do not meet the repayments on your loan, your account will go into arrears. This may affect your credit rating, which may limit your ability to access credit in the future. Changing your loans may result in you paying over a longer-term and/or paying more interest over the life of your loan. Life Credit Union is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.


**Example based on an individual with a car loan outstanding of €5k (€205/mth), bank loan outstanding €15k (€299/mth) and credit card €2.5k outstanding (€63/mth). Total outstanding debt of €22,500 and monthly payments of €567 vs €22,500 Easy Life Loan over 5 years, 60 monthly payments of €450, Representative APR 7.49%, Total Amount Payable €27,045. Loan example for illustrative purposes only. Based on average local coffee costing €3.50.

Information correct as at 09/01/2020.

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