Meet Justine

Justine saved €227 per month. Justine, a self-employed interior designer, borrowed €7,500 from Ulster Bank to build a sun room onto her home. Payment for a large piece of work was slow to come in so she put many of her decorating and new furniture costs on her AIB Visa card. Because it was hard to predict how much she would earn and when her clients would pay her, she only ever paid the minimum payment each month of €225 on her credit card bill. Before she knew it, her balance was hitting €7,500.


Together with her Ulster Bank loan, she owed €15,000 and is paying €552 per month. By taking out a Naas Credit Union loan for €15,000 at 9.95% APR, paying off the credit card balance in full and her Ulster Bank loan, she reduced her monthly payment to €315.04 for three years, saving €227.51 a month!


Say hello to Denis

Denis was unemployed for a year. With a young family, he managed to clock up a credit card balance of €15,000 during that time. Though back in employment, he is just paying the minimum repayment of €314.05 per month. By taking out a Naas Credit Union loan for €15,000 and paying off the entire credit card debt, he will continue to pay the same monthly amount, but will have repaid his new loan in full in five years instead of ten because the credit card loan is costing him 9.95% APR as opposed to 22.7% charged by his AIB Visa card.


Before he needs to start borrowing to send his eldest to college, he’ll have cleared all his debt. It’s a fresh start; the beginning of a new year. It’s time to sort out those debts and put some money back in your pocket. See how much better off you could be per month by inputting your figures into our online calculator or go right ahead and download our Debt Consolidation form here


You can also use a Naas Credit Union loan to shorten the term of a loan. Take this example:




By Sean Murray

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