Of all possible ways to get out of the red, debt consolidation can be among the quickest and most effective.

Expenses can add up, and sometimes swiping a credit card feels like the easiest way to solve the problem in the short term. Maybe you’re exhausted by the fact that your income minus expenses does not equal the life you want to be living.

That is where debt consolidation can come in: switch multiple loan payments into one loan that works better for your financial situation. It can take a matter of minutes and you could save thousands of euros over the terms of your debt, or pay off your debt sooner. Plus, you’ll not have the stress of dealing with multiple loan payments at different times – you’ll have one payment for all debts!

How debt consolidation works

A debt consolidation loan takes your existing debts and replaces them with one, new loan, making repayment more convenient by bundling multiple payments into a single one.

Though terms differ, debt consolidation often affords you the opportunity to either decrease your monthly payments or decrease the amount you’ll pay overall by decreasing the term of your debts.

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