Recently Bank of Ireland and Ulster bank have come under scrutiny for cutting their counter staff, with Bank of Ireland planning to have 100 cashless branches across the country.


Independent TD for Roscommon-Galway Michael Fitzmaurice stated “Older people want to conduct their business over the counter with staff members and now this facility is being withdrawn. We are leaving these people behind.”


The news was received negatively with one person commenting “In recent weeks I have become so frustrated with AIB and BOI customer service. Queue for ages and then told please use self-service machine and some staff (not all) extremely rude. Only recently have I joined a credit union and I can’t praise them enough. They couldn’t do enough for you and always so polite.”


Another person also stated “We should not go in to the banks at all join Credit Union friendly people don’t make you feel unwelcome…”




Teller and member

The decision made from the banks to go cashless will have major negative implications for many people in local communities. So, there’s no better time to join your local Credit Union. Our staff are always here to help you out, in all 4 of our branches.


That’s what makes us different – not-for-profit, but for our community, our members.



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