Pro Energy Home Loans

35% SEAI grant and a low rate Life CU Loan

Pro Energy Home Loan


The Pro Energy Home Loan is a unique initiative supported by the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) where grant funding is made available to members who borrow from their credit union to improve the energy efficiency of their home.


Main benefits:


  • Dedicated project manager to support applicants every step of the way
  • Free home survey and report
  • Access to SEAI grant funding of 35% toward the cost of upgrade
  • Low rate finance from Life CU to fund the remainder of the project


We want to make healthier, warmer, energy-efficient homes more affordable, so ask about our new Pro-Energy Loan today!

  • Qualifying homes needs to be built prior 2006
  • A minimum of 2 qualifying works needs to be completed
  • Members will make recommended energy saving improvements
  • SEAI provides up to 35% grant for work completed
  • Rest of the funding (65%) to be funded with a low rate Life CU loan
  • Works must be completed by 30 September 2019